Aviomar is an ENAC-approved aerial work operator ( COLA IT-079LA D.D. 5562) providing its services throughout the Italian territory.

Our services include advertising activities through the use of aerial banners, environmental monitoring, traffic congestion monitoring, aerial photogrammetry, aerial photography and fire detection/sighting.

A fleet of over 10 aircraft (single and multi-engine) supports our flight operations, thus ensuring an almost constant availability.

All our flights are conductes by experienced commercial pilots specifically trained by our in-house FTO Training department.

Our fleet and staff ensure an all-year-round availability in order to satisfy any specific customer needs.


When you hear an airplane you instinctively look up. That is what makes this form of advertising so effective. Aerial advertising reaches people away from home and work, generally in an environment where they are relaxed. Few forms of media have access to such a receptive audience. !

Services include the monitoring of protected areas, illegal and irregular settlements, industrial areas, atmospheric analysis and monitoring of pollution levels. All services are offered to both public and private bodies/corporations.

Our aircraft are capable of flying at low altitudes and speeds. This allows optimal conditions for the monitoring of road traffic and the identification of congested areas. .

We offer HD photographic sessions using professional equipment (Pentax, Nikon, Canon). Our photographic services are only carried out by experienced professional photographers or by the customer himself.

Fire sighting and monitoring services are offered as well for civil protection corporations in the effort to locate fires and monitor risk areas during the hot season. Research and support operations are also available.

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